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Uniform shop

Rationale for uniform:

  • Encourages student pride and ownership in the school.
  • Reduces competition amongst peers.
  • Increases safety by allowing for easy identification of strangers and is:
    • Cost effective for parents.
    • Preparation for the workforce.

Uniform shop

The P&C Association has established a Uniform shop at school. Opening hours are generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, however, you may wish to check current opening times with the school office.

Inquiries are welcome by phoning the Uniform shop on (07) 4979 9752 (direct line) or our School office on (07) 4979 9777. EFTPOS facilities are available.

Our Shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8.15-11.15am

Uniform description - all year

  • School polo shirt – design incorporates navy, jade and white, with logo
  • Ink navy microfibre shorts for boys
  • Ink navy microfibre shorts or ink navy sports skirt or ink navy box pleat skirt for girls
  • Ink navy school broad-brimmed hat incorporating school logo or ink navy school bucket hat incorporating school logo
  • White socks – short or anklet

Footwear is to be a cross-trainer style shoe, suitable for sport, predominantly white, silver / grey or black, not higher than the ankle. The definition of a cross trainer is: lace-up, bends at big toe, resists twisting at mid foot, firm heel counter, lightweight. 

Please view our Footwear guide (DOCX, 59KB).


  • Paneled jacket (incorporating navy, jade and white with school logo) or windcheater (ink navy with gold collar, with school logo).
  • Winter – ink navy microfibre track pants or ink navy tailored unisex trousers.
  • Year 12 only – senior jersey (design approved; order placed yearly - students wear the rest of uniform as well).

Uniform standards are just as important during cold weather, so we ask parents to order winter uniform items in Term 1, well before cold weather arrives.


The Education General Provisions Act (2006) incorporates authority for principals to enforce a school dress code. Action can be taken against students who choose not to wear the uniform even when offered the opportunity to do so. This school will be strict about this code, but prefers to work on a cooperative basis with parents.

The vast majority of parents and students know the benefits of a distinctive uniform worn with pride. Every variation (e.g. wrong hat, different shorts) may seem inconsequential but, oft repeated, it risks a slide towards poor uniform standards – so we appreciate your cooperation. The school reserves the right to interpret whether any apparel worn meets the uniform and safety requirements of the school.

Representative uniform

It is not necessary to buy 'representative' uniform. Representative uniforms are only worn by students involved in formal occasions e.g. Student Leaders or chairing Formal Assembly/Awards Evening or entertaining dignitaries, school debating teams or students on Sister School tours. The P&C has purchased a pool of representative uniforms for loan on such occasions:

  • White short sleeved shirt or blouse with motto on pocket (ordered through Uniform shop).*
  • Ink navy trousers (males or females) OR Ink navy lengthened box pleat skirt (girls).*
  • Black shoes (closed in, low heels, no boots).
  • Black socks (boys) or black ankle socks or skin tone stockings/stocking sockettes (girls).
  • School blazer and school tie.

* Student Leaders are asked to purchase, at the beginning of their term of office, the items marked* (Assistance is available for purchase of shoes, if necessary).

Not to be worn:

  • jeans
  • basketball shorts
  • football socks
  • coloured socks or no socks
  • incorrect colours
  • personal caps
  • beanies
  • bandannas
  • bike pants
  • undershirts
  • flannelette jackets
  • riding boots
  • slipper style shoes
  • shoes past ankle
  • unsafe footwear
  • coloured jumpers
  • expensive, inappropriate or offensive clothing
  • knitted tracksuits
  • skivvies protruding from shirts.


The Principal has responsibility for Workplace Health and Safety issues on site. Students, staff and visitors are expected to act safely at all times and to comply with safety directions.

  • Closed in, firm upper footwear is required for entry into laboratories, workshops, kitchens, art and textiles areas.
  • Cyclists are expected to wear helmets at all times and have these securely fastened.
  • Skateboards and skates are not allowed.
  • School hat is to be worn at all times when out in the sun. Shade areas should be used wherever possible. Sunscreen is available at the office student counter, sports room or the canteen.
  • Jewellery needs to be removed or taped during higher risk activities, e.g. sport, welding.
  • Sharp or projecting jewellery is not allowed.

Personal presentation

Quality personal presentation is very important as it contributes to personal pride and an appropriate school ethos. Students are expected to present themselves at all times in ways which enhance their own and the school's reputation. In particular:

  • Joggers must be lace-up and suitable for sport e.g. slip on casual shoes or ankle boots are not acceptable.
  • Acceptable jewellery includes a watch, a plain signet ring, one pair of earrings (studs or sleepers) and only necklaces that have legitimate medical or religious significance. They are expected to be secured for safety reasons.
  • Facial jewellery (such as nose studs, eye bars or lip rings) must meet Work Place Health and Safety requirements.
  • Hairstyles or colours deemed to be extreme or likely to negatively influence the school are not permitted.
  • Make-up worn should be natural and not excessive.
  • Clothing or apparel that is or could be offensive, unsafe, likely to disrupt or to negatively influence the school should not be worn.
  • On formal occasions, when representing the school students will be expected to have shirts tucked in, e.g. excursions or whilst entertaining visitors. Teachers will require students to tuck shirts in, for safety reasons, during some activities, e.g. workshops, kitchen.
  • Uniforms, including logo, must not be written on nor defaced (such uniforms cannot be worn to school as they show lack of pride and respect).


These school uniform, safety and personal presentation policies have been endorsed by the Parents' and Citizens' Association. ​​