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Our school

Statement of purpose

We strive to provide, in partnership with the whole community, a quality learning environment where students can maximise their potential to create positive futures.

Key school values

Showing respect, demonstrating responsibility, seeking excellence

These values apply to all members of the school community: students, staff and parents. Some examples of how to live out these values include:

  • Respect for others by avoiding put downs, harassment or racism.

  • Respect for the school and others' property.

  • Respect for other learners in the classroom.

  • Respect for the uniform and the school's good name.

  • Respect for yourself.

  • Being responsible enough to report damage instead of walking past.

  • Being responsible enough to set goals and work towards them.

  • Being responsible enough to be on time without the need for bells.

  • Seeking excellent results (excellence = my best).

  • Seeking excellence on the sporting field, the drama stage and the musical stage.

School motto – Creating our futures

We refer to our school motto all the time because it encapsulates our school philosophy. 'Creating our futures' says that it is each student's job, with the help of parents and teachers, to set up himself or herself for life beyond high school.


  • Learning is an active, not passive, pursuit – it does not happen to a student, it is something that he or she actively decides to do.
  • Teachers, parents and the school can help to provide the right learning environment.
  • Ultimately, however, the student must choose to learn.


  • In a school, we learn together as a community: students, teachers and parents.
  • We need to help each other to learn, never taking away the right of others to learn.


  • School prepares us for, not one, but a variety of futures: employment, further study, relationships, parenthood, civic roles, recreation, cultural enjoyment and so on.

Students can widen and vary the futures that they have depending on how well they decide to create futures.

Carnival competition and student leadership

Our school is divided into four houses:

  • Burarhl (white)

  • Ghinmhine (yellow)

  • Nagatin (blue)​

  • Whoolghun (green)

Our inter-house carnivals are fiercely competitive as house pride is on the line during the athletics, swimming, and cross country carnivals. Our very unique 'Beach Bash Carnival' has students competing in regular and novel events at the beautiful Tannum Sands beach.

Student develop and demonstrate leadership skills through various positions including:

  • School Captains
  • School Vice Captains
  • Senior (years 10-12) House leaders
  • Junior (years 7-9) House leaders